The Kantian Group is creating a new generation of purpose driven companies. Through our various entities, we provide capital and advisory services to support disruptive non-profit and for-profit business models seeking to maximize financial and social return. The Kantian Group is helping build the next economy in which a socially responsible business is not only the right choice, it’s the only choice.

The Kantian Group believes the business environment is changing. Traditionally, businesses operated by focusing on making a profit first and then giving back to society, viewing social change and business as two separate, independent domains. The world is transitioning into a new era of “sustainable capitalism” that supports a cross-sector and market-based approach to solving global challenges by integrating social change with traditional business practices.

The Kantian Group strives to do just that, motivated by the aspiration to achieve lasting social impact, we believe it is our duty to support those who are changing our communities for the better. We believe in social entrepreneurship, harnessing


the power of the capital markets to drive game-changing ideas to scale and in the critical importance of elevating women and girls in society via education, health care, human rights advocacy and self-employment opportunities.

Kantian seeks to build a more peaceful and secure world though accelerating enterprising leadership, ideas and initiatives that fundamentally advance human rights, address poverty with scalable and sustainable solutions and curbing climate change with innovative investments. Alongside strategic philanthropy and impact investments, we seek to build a community for social entrepreneurship to flourish.

With decades of experience as investors and business builders, Kantian’s principals have invested significant capital into many successful social ventures while also helping management teams achieve social and financial returns through operating support, capital introductions, and board and governance advice.